Welcome to the Toronto Shelter Network (TSN)!  The TSN is made of Toronto's shelter providers.  Together, we support emergency shelters across Toronto to more effectively meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness.


4th Annual TSN Conference 


Toronto Shelter Network's Statements 


The Toronto Shelter Standards (TSS) provides City of Toronto-funded shelter providers and clients with a clear set of expectations, guidelines and minimum requirements for the provision of shelter services in Toronto. All emergency and transitional shelters funded or directly operated by the City of Toronto are required to adhere to the TSS. 

The Toronto Shelter Network hosted its Fourth Annual Conference this past October. As with previous years, we had a day filled with thought provoking and educational plenary and workshop sessions. Please see the Events Page for more information. 

The Toronto Shelter Network stands with TAEH and OCASI in expressing concern over the Ontario Government's withdraw from intergovernmental involvement in regards to refugee claimants. Please click here to read the TSN's full statement.